Day of eclipse Looked little stranger Full of birds, splitting the sky Full of rain, kissing the grass Full of voices of people in anger And you said it will pass All we see must be taken away One day Day of eclipse Struggled for choices, Got the part of your heart blown With the... Continue Reading →



He should walk through the cemented city, Streets are going burning-hot He is dizzy with loafing around and round, And this day is what makes him rot Pocket secret is what he’s got He is crossing the Milky Road And he’s thinking the weather is looking fine He can’t stop on the line He is... Continue Reading →

The history of ‘Fame’

Busy, busy, busy... Too many things demand to deal with. But against all the odds those things are mostly very good; and to share my good luck with other nutted ones, i'm glad to bring another compilation for deep divers from "Alternative versions of everything" series. It's dedicated to most live performed Bowie song. Suddenly it's... Continue Reading →

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And you will fight with demons, when we shall go to town, and we'll eat between the rich men, and we'll drown, if we don't go down. Старый город пепельно-сер, в вязком мареве зеркала, Чей-то голос, охрипший от пепла, зовет и зовет, Только тени глотают звук Солнце серое сталью коснется стекла, Только ночь не ушла,... Continue Reading →


Acrylic, paper, 40x30 sm "I'm Pierrot. I'm Everyman. What I'm doing is theatre, and only theatre... What you see on stage isn't sinister. It's pure clown. I'm using myself as a canvas and trying to paint the truth of our time on it. The white face, the baggy pants - they're Pierrot, the eternal clown putting over... Continue Reading →

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Помнишь, когда-то мы шли по земле Помнишь, за нами горела листва? Долго ли, коротко – за горизонтом светлей Ночь не права Смерть не права, В окнах ослепших домов пустота не права Помнишь, когда-то мы шли по земле? То ли от неба под утро легка голова, То ли к окраине ветром доносит слова Бедный дурак, Так... Continue Reading →

The Yellow Project

Meet a bit of talents-friendly advertising. Feel happy and proud to introduce my recent discovery, a great team from Bournemouth, Tim and Paul aka The Yellow Project. Love their complicated multilayered sound, including jazz, ambient and old school electronics influences. Their new EP "Homage" is a heartful tribute to the great artists who left us... Continue Reading →

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