У Саши Зилкова, он же Нескучный Саунд вышел новый трек. Хороший трек. А я там в роли "никогда не забывайте делать красивую обложку") You, you are vasty deep, you are landing strip You are homeless, you are hopeless, You are my line... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaXcq9JmopQ Play/Buy the song - https://zilkov-ae.bandcamp.com/track/... Camera - Sergey Karryev (https://youtu.be/BbUSCMscIeQ)


Senryu illustrations

Acrylyc, markers, charcoal pencil, paper, 15×20 sm

Senryu illustrations

When you can neither eat no even wear it; cause each and every one would say "Oh, of course, she is greedy of sweets, why do you think she's fat?!" Acrylyc, markers, charcoal pencil, paper, 15×20 sm

Senryu illustrations

Initially a senryu is a short haiku-like poem, but bout people and dayly life, often ironical (often? good grief, do you really can tell something about people with no irony??). Victor Melamed, the lead lecturer of the British school of Design, has turned it into a graphic genre..⠀Feeling fascinated by new narrative qualityes of this genre; it... Continue Reading →

Baby Grace Is Alive And Well

Speak low, little child, as the words are frozen I catched like a bird's croak at the clouds crossing My days were never landed into idle talks My sky is at the peak of my silence When i'd looked, there wasn't anything here Then there was Nothing in deepness Then i turned back to stare... Continue Reading →

Gonna be smart

Like a blossoms of orange Limelight falls upon the face Masque your sore trumbs for sure Keep the secrets so behind A lusted gem of distortion Test the space behind the space You’re accused of attraction Disconcertion of the mind That is too simplistic Someone's gonna be tired Fascination follows to confound Something’s gonna be... Continue Reading →

“I can do that too!”

This very special object is a "feedback canvas" from my first solo show last winter. Gallery visitors were then given a theme (the sentence artists hear most offen from the beholders!) and were invited to leave there touch, whatever they would like, on that  canvas. I think i'm going to carry on with this idea... Continue Reading →


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