Как художник художнику…

10 января 1986 года. Это после "Красной волны", когда Джоанна Стингрей не только привезла в США советскую рок-музыку, но и работы наших "Новых художников", в основном, круга Новикова. В составе оргкомитета был Кит Херинг ( Keith Haring), который, в свою очередь, был дружен с Уорхолом. Энди, видимо, проникся тяжелой жизнью ленинградского андеграунда и послал в подарок... Continue Reading →


A kind of public debut

Glad to inform that an exibition "Human and Others" in art-area "Masterskaya Polkovnika"(Colonel's Workshop") is now open and working until Jan 21 2018. Hope it's going to be a good start for me and my works. "After all, the art without an audience is nothing more than masturbation, a self-gratifying act but ultimately unfulfilling. If... Continue Reading →

Humans And Others

Four years ago i've turned my life into new direction, left my appointment in big fashion company to be the freelance artist and art-lecturer. When we had leaving-do-party, my colleagues presented me a huge moleskin, and their words were: 'You won't become an artist untill you're done with it." Times went, sketchbook was over this summer, and... Continue Reading →

It’s happening outside

Something very especial happends to faces when Outside happends to artists. "It's happening now".  September 1994, David and Brian are visiting Outside artists colony in the mental hospital of Maria Gugging. 1'Outside (first 3-hour version which was running under the name Leon and was rejected by the labels) and Adler's Diaries are in progress. All the... Continue Reading →


It’s the time of the ash It’s the time of the dead roses Night has a drag in its walk, like A clochard in an old cloak Time is wrinkling like flesh On the hands of the old spouses I’m waiting for fire to raise me, Just like poets talk It’s the time of the... Continue Reading →


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