The Night of Light, Gatchina, St. Petersburg.

Still feeling a bit guilty for no bringing here the photo report from summer light fest in one of historical Peterburg places. Gatchina Night of the light commonly has a place on second August weekend. This year i was collaborating with lead artist of the fest, Victor Grigorjev, helped with his luminant sculptures. Hope, next... Continue Reading →


Anthropic principle-2

Light installation project, 2017. "Look at me to see i see you"...

Conflict. Dialog.

Light installation project. 2017 Whilst you meet someone nose to nose, you can't avoid the communication. Conflict or dialog? What is your intention - hate or interest to someone unlike you?  

Anthropic principle

Project of exposition area. St-Petersburg, 2015-2016 In collaboration with Natalia Beltukova. Waiting for fullfillment Anthropic principle is a philosophical consideration explaining appearance of humankind as a result of a very unique and fine-drawn combination of elements of the Universe. No matter what model we should use for describing of Universe, meaning religious, poetic or science-based... Continue Reading →

Air plankton

Textile lightened objects, inspired by Ruichi Sakamoto's music. Words and nature are full of wonders. Very big things, very small things and we are somewhere between these abysses. If you look attentively, if you turn micro onto macro or if imagine you are smaller then smallest, if you change the angle of looking, it may provide... Continue Reading →

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