Hello, i’m Anna Ri, an artist from St. Petersburg, Russia; i prefer nickname ANKA. If you don’t know where this city is, you can try to find it at the picture on Contact me page =)

This site is under construction still, and i’m going to tell more about myself some later. Now i’d just like to say that i’m here not only to promote my art or poetry and not to find buyers or comissioners only (of cause, it would be great to get them though!) but also to find new interesting friends across all the borders,  to find interesting talented people, and to discouss my (and your) favs in art in music. I write in good russian and… not too good english, and the same with my poems, but i try to do my best. Like to talk online about everything with people who have different daily life in different places. The Deviantart and my beloved Bowie Community have already brought some adorable people living throughout the world into my life and i promise i am not going to stop. Differences are fascinating.



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