Hello, i’m Anka Ltf, a professional artist, art-theoretist and teacher from St. Petersburg, Russia. If you don’t know where this city is, you can try to find it at the picture on the Contact page.

Me, in few words: graphic artist, human, lecturer, curator, rational idealist, reader, designer, sculptor, functional deviant, feminist, introvert, teacher, woman, painter, mammal.

Unsure my bio could tell you more than my works can. Now i’d just like to say that i’m here not only to promote my art or poetry and not just to find buyers or comissioners (thhough, of course, it would be great to get them!) but also to find new friends across all the borders,  to find interesting talented people, and to discouss mine (and yours) favs in art in music. I write in good Russian and… not so good English, but if you can understand me, this is the point. Like to talk online about different kinds of daily life in different places. I love diversities and hate the wars.

To contact me, please, use the form on the Contact page, or any of my social media.
For my other interests, please, visit Other Blogs section.

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