Looking for Sailor


Now is the time to go deep. There is a life’s work waiting there to be heard.

Reeves Gabrels, interview to  MOJO, Feb 8, 2016

I suppose it’s to be a moment to say that i’m a massive mr. Bowie admirer. Probably not a real “serious fan”, cause i don’t know too much about him, never collected vinyls or merch and didn’t do many things serious fans do; but this artist has been my vast inspiration and a kind of “good example” for ages and i don’t think it’s going to be stopped ever. I never met him in person and never talked to him, but I’ve learned many things from him about how humans and artists should deal with their life and reality, and i’m going to learn more. And more. To trace this eternal searcher, to learn the ways this great mind used to go, to investigate his art, his inspiration sources, his deep and beautifully romantic symbolism – all this remains the marvellous adventure and exiting experience for me.

If you are interested, you may find some of meditation and research findings in this section. Most of them was found in the lovely discussions with my friends in Bowie Official Community and besides it. Glad i’ve got a chance to say my hugest thank to all bowie-people arround me. Without you last year could be much, much harder.

This pages are not going to be only about Sailor himself, but also about people who was influencing on him or who was influenced by him. Be ready to meet some funny facts and stories, because he is one of wittiest persons i knew ever. And be also ready to met my emotions, sometime, because it’s still raw. If you understand what i mean. And i hope it will.

Attention: finally i’ve decided to split this section out to the filial blog. All Bowie articles and matherials are going to find new home at


All fans, old and new, are most welcome.



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