“Warhol reworked”

Об идеях осуществленных и задуманных. О некоторых из. Провели мероприятие с проектом Art Junky, первое в новом необычном формате, теория и практика искусства в один вечер. От хозяйки и лектора Art Junky Елизаветы - интересная лекция об Уорхоле и Фабрике, от меня - мастер-класс по коллажу на тему поп-арта. Помещение снова любезно предоставила "Мастерская Полковника" на... Continue Reading →


Students’ graphic

Graphic sheets of 1st year students having their course of basic composition of costume. In process of study and training  they learn most basic thing about shapes and design: how to provide a certain mood or concept via abstract form, how to shape, to organise, and reorganise piece they do, how to get shape informative and emotionally expressive.

Go East!

The project of 3rd month students of our Design Laboratory. The task they got was to make pieces based on traditional ethnic costume or on costume of earlier epohe, but to use  non-traditional high-teck materials. We began from european inspiration, but got also many allusions to ancient russian stuff as well as to japaneese outfits, so... Continue Reading →

Empty coat

St. Petersburg City Sculpture museum, "Mikhail Anikushin's Workshop". March 6, 2016 The Textile objects series and mini-performanse, considering fashion as a kind of metaphore of social pressure, that can push you into the changes you don't really desire for. Changing yourself to conform, trying to fit you in, are you sure you can keep something under the... Continue Reading →


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