Empty coat

St. Petersburg City Sculpture museum, "Mikhail Anikushin's Workshop". March 6, 2016 The Textile objects series and mini-performanse, considering fashion as a kind of metaphore of social pressure, that can push you into the changes you don't really desire for. Changing yourself to conform, trying to fit you in, are you sure you can keep something under the... Continue Reading →


Air plankton

Textile lightened objects, inspired by Ruichi Sakamoto's music. Words and nature are full of wonders. Very big things, very small things and we are somewhere between these abysses. If you look attentively, if you turn micro onto macro or if imagine you are smaller then smallest, if you change the angle of looking, it may provide... Continue Reading →

Divine Maya

November 2015, St.Petersburg, Sheremetev Palace. In collaboration with Elena Badmaeva Fashion house. The exibition "Divine Maya" was initialy concided with celebration of 90th annyversary of great russian balley danser Maya Plisetskaya. Many artists and designers were invited to collaborate and to pay their tributes. Unfortunately, to our great sorrow and due to abrupt loss, that event was... Continue Reading →

The copper age begins…

One of my first mature works, made in the very beginning of 1997, when i was a second year student. And one of few early works i don't feel ashamed of. Still. In some ways this is closer to present myself than many things i did later. I think i knew better in the deep of... Continue Reading →


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