Something in the world desires to be comprehended…

Charcoal, paper. 62x42 sm Sometimes preliminary scetch tells so much, that you can't dare to carry on with painting. At least you wish to save work in progress as well. On, you coward, on. "If i feel a little unsafe"... and so on, you know..  


White Duke

Made as a kind of commission for my friend. Going on with a kind of pop art graphic.. Acrylic, paper, 62x42 sm


For my friends and all people of Manchester (Non-portrait version) Saffie-Rose, 8 years old, died yesterday because of her injuries after terroristic attack in MEN. About a half of victims were younger than 16. Those people fight kids. When attack in St.Petersburg subway had a place, it was also aimed at very young people, students, cause place... Continue Reading →

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