The history of ‘Fame’

Busy, busy, busy... Too many things demand to deal with. But against all the odds those things are mostly very good; and to share my good luck with other nutted ones, i'm glad to bring another compilation for deep divers from "Alternative versions of everything" series. It's dedicated to most live performed Bowie song. Suddenly it's... Continue Reading →


The Yellow Project

Meet a bit of talents-friendly advertising. Feel happy and proud to introduce my recent discovery, a great team from Bournemouth, Tim and Paul aka The Yellow Project. Love their complicated multilayered sound, including jazz, ambient and old school electronics influences. Their new EP "Homage" is a heartful tribute to the great artists who left us... Continue Reading →


496 days... since moment the previous life was so strangely interrupted and changed. Still feel weird, like that day really disjoint the life in two: the younger years when you still suppose the best things in your life to be ahead; and later ones that make you realize the coolest things you knew are definitely... Continue Reading →


For my friends and all people of Manchester (Non-portrait version) Saffie-Rose, 8 years old, died yesterday because of her injuries after terroristic attack in MEN. About a half of victims were younger than 16. Those people fight kids. When attack in St.Petersburg subway had a place, it was also aimed at very young people, students, cause place... Continue Reading →

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