Still alive

Well, it looks like i’ve got my problem with pictures disappearing fixed at last. All pics at their positions now. So i’m going to be going to go on.

As i say in previous posts, i’d like to know my followers better. Would be so sweet if you comment now and then, not for praising me or something, but to tell more about you and to let me know what themes are you mostly interested in.
First of all, i’d like to ask english-speakers if it possible for you to read post i write in russian. How does the authomatic translation work for you? Frankly, the back translation to russian is absolutely awful, google translators are much better in translation in english than back, afaic. So, when i doubt or adress to russian audience, i sometime choose my native language..
Another question – if you follow this parent page, do you get the child blogs article into you timeline? I can’t get at all if you have to specially follow child pages on wordpress or following parent site is enough?

Some of you probably know yet, that i started a kind of personal sub blog recently. In spite of this page, that blog is for daily thoughts and my inspiration sourses. Now i’m mostly bubbling in my first language, cause mostly nobody reads and i do it for myself. If readers comes, english bubbling is also guarantee, lol!

And for those of you who’s interested in Bowie things, i glad to inform that other days new filial blog LOOKING FOR SAILOR was also started. Now you haven’t to pick those things out from the piles of other materials. Nothing to compare with fabulous Chris O’Leary’s Pushing Ahead or with tremendous Pegg’s book, of course. I’m not an insider, just have a books, articles and interviews as sourses and making my small soup on my own. All articles on Bowie are going to be removed to the new permanent adress, so you probably will get some old posts into your timeline again, i hope so much you kindly forgive me for the inconviniences.

Btw, the articles on Nietsche’s and Kubric’s ifluence are not deleted, just closed for reworking, the new facts – the new views.

The ArtAddiction subblog stays here to go along with Gallery and Poetry section. So here we go with three pages: my works, my thoughts and my eternal inspiration. ❤

With all my love
your Anka.


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