“Me&We”, special artist’s exibition in Pushkinskaya 10 Art Center

The unusual exibition’s running in “Masterskaya Polkovnika”(“The Colonel’s Workshop”) Art-space in Pushkinskaya, 10. It follows my show in that art space kinda too symbolycally, i’d say…

Meet the artworks of very special artists, who are patients of Art-therapy Center of St. Petersburg Mental Health Hospital. These artworks’ author presents himself under the name Ho Chi Minh “The Mutterer” he’s artist and poet. His short prosaic poems and aphorisms are living togeter with his drawings.. “Just filling te emptyness”, “Rouse the fire”, “Did Nitzshe really exist?” “Truth is in the porto”, “The fish and the eye; a guillotine, love, dissidence and lust for calm”, “spiritual power of the idiot”, “flying noise of the aether through the nights”, “from the death to the life, from the desk to the ashtray”, “the darkness and the music; nothing else is demanded to give”.. Isn’t he interesting?

Funny that i wrote about Gugging just recently; looks like our domestic Gugging came to me on its own… Is it time to think about making Outside? 😀


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