A kind of public debut

Glad to inform that an exibition “Human and Others” in art-area “Masterskaya Polkovnika”(Colonel’s Workshop”) is now open and running until Jan 21 2018.
Hope it’s going to be a good start for me and my works.

An exibition includes series “Planet Earth far, far away”“H-faces”“In the Memory of Soul Train“.

My young and smart curator, Alyona Nikiforova, for accident she is my former student; this give me additional feeling that my tutor’s years weren’t in vain, although our Design subdepartment is now totally destroyed and will be closed this spring. The Ministry doesn’t think they need so much art education. Though this collaboration shows they can’t destroy the result – our alumnuses are working, creating their own fashion houses, art groups and galleries; so, up and down is how sailing goes.

With my curator we decided it’s impossible to expose my works without having music as a subject. So i’ve made a kind of  playlist and we even made a very limited run to present to guests and to some music loving friends; for a kind of promotion of good old, little known and some good new music too. Not for sale, of cause. You can unbelieve me, but names like Lou Reed or albums like ‘1’Outside’ are still not known well enough where i live, so i think there’s no shame in reminding; as well as no bad in bringing some new names. I also included a composition by my new friends from Bournemouth, “The Yellow Project”, whose ‘Homage’ EP is one of my last year discoveries (you may know more bout them from my journal entry).

After all, the art without an audience is nothing more than masturbation, a self-gratifying act but ultimately unfulfilling. If you wish to affect the world you have to submit yourself to its judgment.” (“Thus spoke Julian Priest”)

For more information about visiting see the previous post.



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