Humans And Others

Four years ago i’ve turned my life into new direction, left my appointment in big fashion company to be the freelance artist and art-lecturer. When we had leaving-do-party, my colleagues presented me a huge moleskin, and their words were: ‘You won’t become an artist untill you’re done with it.” Times went, sketchbook was over this summer, and i’m going to finish the year with my first solo show in oldest St. Petersburg Independent art Center “Pushkinskaya, 10”, taking its history beginning far back in the USSR era.


“Humans and other natons inhabiting Earth”
request sample from electronic dictionary

“This series of graphic and painting pieces has begun in January 2016, as tributes to most favorite artists and musicians. Step by step, it went wider than just number of portraits and images and grew up into visual meditation on art, talent, alienation, romanticization of otherness, relation between a work of art, an author and an audience. A Man Of Art – an alien on his native planet.”

Dinamyc Creative Space “Masterskaya Polkovnika” (‘The Colonel’s Workshop”) – the former workshop of leading artist of Leningrad\St. Petersburg avant-guarde art, Yury ‘The Colonel’ Nikiforov, who had most regrettably died last year. 2016, 69 years old, cancer; such a familiar code. In the memory of big artist his siccessors got decided to turn his working place into dynamic multidirectional art-territory to support  independent and non-commercial art and art-education. The best thing to do in the memory of  such a talented man, in my opinion.

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Dec 23th – Jan 21th

Thurs – 4-8 pm
Sat-Sun, midday-8 pm
room 603, 6th floor, ‘C’ building,
insta: masterskaya_polkovnika

Art-Center ‘Pushkinskaya, 10″, Ligovsky av, 53
Nearest subway: ‘Ploshchad’ Vosstania’\’Mayakovskaia’

Please, be awarded Art-Center ‘Pushkinskaya 10″ is closed from Dec 31 till Jan 2 for New Year vacations!



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