The history of ‘Fame’

Busy, busy, busy… Too many things demand to deal with. But against all the odds those things are mostly very good; and to share my good luck with other nutted ones, i’m glad to bring another compilation for deep divers from “Alternative versions of everything” series. It’s dedicated to most live performed Bowie song. Suddenly it’s not Heroes or LOM?, but Fame. On the it’s listed as having more then 660 live perfomances throughout the David’s career. I guess i wouldn’t be too misestimated saying it’s also one of most revorked and expiremented songs. Compilation includes reworked versions from the very late 80s’ and live Fame’90 playing, as well as fantastic drum’n’base live jam, performed from the second Earthling tour gig at Hanover, London till June 11 1997 in Utrecht; i mean “Is it really wonder” version, of course; also some unreleased (unless i’m mistaken) mixes of Fun House, which is studio take made along the “Is it really wonder” in the 1997. And of course, some later 21th century versions of this brilliant piece wasn’t overlooked, begining from Rosenland gig in 2000 till the last full set in Shessel. Totally the “career” of Fame amounts nearly 30 years of permanent transformatons and renovations.
Have to say, collection is badly missing the very first live performance in NY on the 1st of November 1975, three days before Soul Train broadcasting; as well as Port Chester NY gig on October 14th 1996; this must be a kind of intriguing brige between rap/house approach of 1990 EP versions and energy of Earthling tour drum’n’base tries. But i couldn’t find those records, if you bring links to me i’d lick you feet, i swear.. :biggrin:

And in opposite to this greatly revisited and ubiquitous hit there’s one of least performed but beloved early song… you can see.. it’s The Bewlay Brothers. It had got five (five!) live plays only. Fortunately, i was lucky to find them all; so it’s very small but full antology of The Bewlay Brothers live. Hope you enjoy..

Mp3 are available here:
You can listen online and take some if you like; or can download full collecton.



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