The Yellow Project

Meet a bit of talents-friendly advertising. Feel happy and proud to introduce my recent discovery, a great team from Bournemouth, Tim and Paul aka The Yellow Project. Love their complicated multilayered sound, including jazz, ambient and old school electronics influences. Their new EP “Homage” is a heartful tribute to the great artists who left us last year, Leonard Kohen and David Bowie. It could be also just called “2016”, because it tells much about what many of us felt like passing through that dark year. But what you are going to hear is not a requiem, it would be too wrong for such bright people; it rather sounds like a thoughtful reminiscence or vision of starry abysses, full of light and… hope and still enchasing voices of some whom you’re looking for

After Blackstar:

“Hommage” is not a debut release of The Yellow Project; previous pieces are also very much worth to hear. Also i’d like to point Tim is a nice painter and art tutor; after Blackstar video consist of his artworks. Hope you get a plenty of joy, as massive as plenty of fish in the sea…



There’s the page where you can buy digital versions of their tracks
You can also get a cd if you contact them via TYP fb page



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