For my friends and all people of Manchester
(Non-portrait version)

Saffie-Rose, 8 years old, died yesterday because of her injuries after terroristic attack in MEN. About a half of victims were younger than 16. Those people fight kids.

When attack in St.Petersburg subway had a place, it was also aimed at very young people, students, cause place were chosen where many universities reside and time when students naturally go home after their classes. Beautiful, talented, peaceful ones, who could live long and do much.. some who lost their lives were muslims, from Kazakhstan and Azerbaidzhan. Those people, who do the attacks, they don’t defend islam, the faith; they don’t defend anything actually. They are just like putridity trying to spread arround the word and get us dissociated, hateful and in fear. But i can’t see how they can win. After every new aggression people just become stronger, standing together even when we live far from each other. I refuse to be afraid and haiting; they won’t get it. Don’t think so.

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