Anthropic principle

Project of exposition area. St-Petersburg, 2015-2016
In collaboration with Natalia Beltukova.
Waiting for fullfillment

Anthropic principle is a philosophical consideration explaining appearance of humankind as a result of a very unique and fine-drawn combination of elements of the Universe. No matter what model we should use for describing of Universe, meaning religious, poetic or science-based way – we can recognize that existing of human and sapient life is an exceptional stroke of luck, and our presence in this world is to make sense not least because of its low probability.

The way of self-understanding has never been easy. In the course of time human arrogance frequently led us through painful and tragical experiences. But as we are only species known nowadays who are able to witness and cognize the laws of nature, no chances we can avoid our purpose. It’s time to acknowledge our special part not as a reason for anthropocentrism, but as a responsibility, and to start meaningful and full-hearted cooperation with the world arround.

The main area is formed by series of large plastic or foamcore objects stylized as parts of colossal statues. Inner spaces of these anthropomorphous pieces fit the exhibition zones well where smaller sculptured, painted or graphic artworks should be displayed. Bigger
sculptured objects might be disposed among the space amid main ones.

Great men look at the world. Something beautiful in their heads.


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