In The Memory Of Soul Train

Paper, acrylic, collaging. 30×40 sm

The Soul Train does never stop. Probably i’d like to tell how it went. One of my students made a project for Soul Train style cafe. I had to study its aestetics and history better to give her a consultation, and i was instantly caught by the vibe of this passionate and lightful music show. I can’t help channeling that into new graphic sheets. Mostly it’s a tribute to 70th black music, but i couldn’t also overlook the only white musician (the only i know) who was invited to participate ST show for his, as word was, “alternative negrocity” and non skin deep soul music. Meet the 70th, the pop-art, meet legendary Don Cornelius, his Soul Train and young David Bowie!

Oryginals and A3 prints are available


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